Our Process is Different

At Myzel, we believe that functional mushrooms play an important role in environmental change and community well-being.

Our first priority is environmental sustainability, including stewardship of natural systems and resources. When we operate in a self-sustaining fashion, we can build a profitable business without relying entirely on the power grid.

As an added benefit, producing our own energy allows us to reduce the costs of our final products. Sustainable action becomes a win-win for both Myzel and our buyers.

As a business based in rural Ontario, we prioritize people and community. In a day and age where most businesses are based in urban settings, we’re recruiting people from communities that are often forgotten. In doing this, we’re also dedicated to supporting the local economy.

Our location at the US-Canada border allows us to reduce the impact of transportation.  Functional mushrooms are traditionally grown overseas and shipped across the globe. By producing in Canada we can reduce the carbon footprint associated with shipping, create affordable access to a supplemental form of nutrition, and prioritize people within our local communities.

Geothermal loop installation at Myzel facility in Wainfleet Ontario

Our Energy Consumption

Myzel implemented a 60T ground source geothermal loop to provide all of the heating and cooling for our facility operations.

We built the facility based on sound building design practices, including the installation of extensive thermal barrier, radiant heat, and energy recovery ventilation. These design elements reduce our energy consumption to less than 20% of a typical building, while the geothermal loop provides a substantial portion of our energy requirements.

The recaptured rain water collected from our facility rooftops is collected in a wastewater pond, then purified and used for our cooking process.

In 2024, we plan to install a rooftop solar system to offset our electrical consumption.

“ By customizing our facility with a focus on environment, sustainability, efficiency, and automation, we can deliver ingredients that address food security at a very low cost. ”

– Markus Sadaka, Co Founder

Progress Timeline

Measuring Our Impact

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