Scientific Name:

Tremella fuciformis

Common Names:

Silver ear fungus
Snow ear
White jelly mushroom

Active Compounds

Tremella Polysaccharides, Glucuronic Acid, N-Acetylglucosamine, Phenols

Tremella - Snow Fungus

Mushroom Description

Snow Fungus resembles a large, squishy snowflake.

Best known as a culinary delicacy served both in sweet and savoury dishes, Snow Fungus is most frequently acquired dried in Asian food markets.

In Imperial China, Snow Fungus were thought to contribute to ‘long and unblemished lives’.  Consumed both as a beauty product and as a healthy food, the use of Snow Fungus can be traced back to 750 BC.


Snow Fungus is believed to combat the oxidative stress that contributes to tissue damage and premature aging.

Snow Fungus demonstrates anti-inflammatory properties that not only lowers risk of heart disease and diabetes, but also shows promise in skincare and gut health applications. The anti-inflammatory properties promised by Snow Fungus are especially promising when used to reduce topical irritants, like rashes.

Snow fungus is thought to boost skin hydration and increase collagen production. The Tremella polysaccharide shows promise in stabilizing a cell membrane and increasing moisture content, which can increase skin elasticity and strengthen the skin.

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Snow fungus is an excellent addition to skin and gut health products.