Scientific Name:

Lentinula edodes

Common Names:

Black Forest Mushroom
Golden Oak Mushroom
Xiang gu

Active Compounds

Polysaccharides, Eritadenine

Group of shiitake mushrooms on white background

Mushroom Description

Between 1000 and 1100 AD, Shiitake first earned a reputation as a beauty balm used to restore the skin’s luminance and vitality. Yet, it wasn’t restricted to the ruling classes. Shiitake was a common, and important ingredient, in culinary applications. Miso soup wouldn’t quite be the same without Shiitake mushrooms!

Potential applications, in addition to radiant skin, abound thanks to the compounds derived from Shiitake. The mushroom has been used to recover from the common cold, fortifying the immune system against future illness, and combating stress-related damage to mammalian cells.


Shiitake contains compounds that are thought to contribute to a reduction in LDL (“bad cholesterol”) and regulates blood pressure. Together these elements contribute to changes in cardiovascular health. 

Shiitake is believed to increase the production of antibodies and T-cells, supporting the body in the prevention and fight against infection.

Shiitake is purported to provide the body with the prebiotics required to keep the gut and intestinal tract healthy. The mushrooms can also play a role in appetite satiation.

Create your custom Shiitake powder

Shiitake blends well into nutraceuticals, functional foods & beverages and cosmetics.