Scientific Name:

Poria cocos

Common Names:

Fu Ling

Active Compounds

Polysaccharides, Triterpenoids, Inositol, Ergosterol, Caprylic Acid, Undecanoic Acid, Lauric Acid

Poria cocos cubes

Mushroom Description

Poria may be one of the most storied mushrooms in Myzel’s roster. With upwards of 2,000 years of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is thought to be one of the most used tonic herbs.

Poria is most frequently ground into a powder for use in teas, breads, and cakes. It was promoted for the belief that it will “Restore and refresh the body and mind, and if used regularly it will prolong life.”

Ancient folklore indicated that ancient pine resin transformed into Poria, which eventually became amber. Poria is thought to be a very spirited mushroom.


Poria is reported to reduce rates of inflammation when consumed orally and applied topically.

The combined chemicals in Poria are thought to boost immune system response and reduce symptoms related to allergies. 

Poria is thought to reduce stress and anxiety by reducing chronic inflammation associated with oxidative stress.

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Poria is a adaptogenic additive to any immune support or mood boosting blend.