Scientific Name:

Pleurotus ostreatus

Common Names:

Oyster Shelf
Straw Mushroom

Active Compounds

Polysaccharides, Lovastatin, Lectins, Phenols, Polypeptides, Terpenes

Pleurotus ostreatus - Oyster mushroom

Mushroom Description

Oyster mushrooms are one of the best known mushrooms available in the supermarket. They are both easy to grow and easy to incorporate into a meal. Our team describes the Oyster mushroom’s fermented substrate as ‘smelling like licorice’, though the flavour doesn’t carry through into the fruiting body.

Oyster mushrooms, like many of Myzel’s products, have a long and storied history. Texts from Ancient Greece mention the consumption of Oyster mushrooms, while Traditional Chinese medicine has relied on Oyster mushrooms for their anti-inflammatory properties for centuries.

Not only are these mushrooms easy to grow, they are also incredibly adaptive. They have been used to absorb petroleum-based pollutants, and even thrive in contaminated areas – suggesting Oyster mushrooms have a function as food, and as an agent for environmental remediation.


The Oyster mushroom naturally contains Lovastatin, a chemical that reduces total cholesterol and LDL/HDL ratio.

Oyster mushrooms are purported to deliver a wealth of anti-oxidants that boost the effectiveness of the liver and the kidneys. By reducing blood cholesterol levels, the Oyster mushroom also relieves some of the burden of processing from the filtration organs.

Studies indicate that Oyster mushroom increases rates of blood clotting, suggesting the mushroom is an ideal companion for individuals balancing heart health and chronic inflammation. 

Custom Oyster Mushroom powder

Oyster mushroom makes a great addition to any heart health and immunity boosting product.