Scientific Name:

Grifola frondosa

Common Names:

Ram’s Head or Sheep’s Head

Active Compounds

Polysaccharides, Heteropolysaccharides, Proteoglycans ​

Maitake mushrooms

Mushroom Description

Maitake is one of the most commonly used mushrooms in traditional Japanese cuisine. To avoid gastric upset, this mushroom must be eaten cooked.

As a adaptogenic mushroom, Maitake contains compounds associated with immune-stimulating effects, decreased tumor cell behavior, and anti-viral activity.


Maitake is purported to increase resilience to stress, and reduce stress-related issues like inflammation and blood pressure spikes.

Maitake is thought to contribute to achieving healthy blood cholesterol levels.

Maitake is believed to support the growth of beneficial bacteria and flora in the gut, making for a healthy GI Tract and smooth digestion.

Create your custom Maitake powder

Maitake is a great all-around contributor to well-being, especially those products supporting immune system function.