Scientific Name:

Hericium erinaceus

Common Names:

Bearded tooth
Monkey’s head

Active Compounds

Hericenones, Erinacines

Lion's Mane Mushroom White Background

Mushroom Description

Thought to contribute to concentration and connection with life force energy, Shaolin and Buddhist Monks relied on Lion’s Mane as part of their traditional practices. 

More recently, Lion’s Mane grew in popularity as a non-stimulating nootropic thought to improve cognitive function, promote relaxation, boost mood, and stimulate executive function. Compounds found uniquely in Lion’s Mane are capable of passing the blood-brain barrier, stimulating the growth of neurons and protective cells.


Lion’s Mane is purported to stimulate Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) and contribute to accelerated nerve regeneration and the growth of brain cells.

Lion’s Mane is believed to enhance cognitive function and supports against progressive memory loss.

Lion’s Mane is thought to offer anti-inflammatory effects reduce depression-like behaviors and may alleviate feelings of anxiety and frustration.

Create your custom Lion’s Mane powder

Lion’s Mane is known for it’s brain and nerve supporting properties. It blends well with Cordyceps, Reishi, Chaga … and more.