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Our Story (so far)

Myzel was founded in 2021. From the outset our goal was to build one of Canada’s first sustainable, nutraceutical-grade functional mushroom facilities.

To be quite honest: it took a lot of time, planning and effort.

Building a sustainable mushroom cultivation operation is no small feat. It required a team of dreamers, skilled tradespeople, and planners.

Yet, we’re confident that retrofitting an existing farm with sustainable energy will be worth our efforts. Not only will our facility (eventually) produce more energy than it uses, we also can offer competitive prices.

Lower costs for energy = lower costs of production. We’re committed to passing that on to our partners and customers.

Our Vision

At Myzel, we’re taking action to accelerate the adoption of complementary medicine.

We believe that mushrooms have the power to drive a new era of health, well-being and environmental stewardship

Our focus is firmly on:

  • the production and promotion of functional mushrooms; and
  • the role mushrooms can play in human and companion animal health

Myzel prioritizes integrity, transparency and honesty in each and every interaction.

It’s these values that inspire our creation and promotion of clear insights and educational content about our mushrooms. We strive to empower our buyers, clients and partners so that they can make informed decisions about their products and supply chain.

variety of mushroom segments in a stack

Dedication to Innovation

Myzel is a proud supporter of environmental innovation. As one of Canada’s first aspiring Net-Zero agricultural entities, Myzel is proud to work toward cutting our greenhouse gas emissions to as close to zero as possible.

Myzel is also dedicated to research excellence. We’re committed to understanding the benefits and functions of all our mushrooms before we make grand claims about their efficacy. That’s why we’re partnering with universities and commercial enterprises alike: to establish the scientific merits of all our mushroom varieties.

Mycelium woodcut graphic

What’s in a Name?

Growing interest in the functional mushroom space comes at a cost: a market flooded with mushroom-oriented company names.

Instead of looking for the next hot topic, we chose something close to our hearts. Our Founders tuned into their German roots, and selected the German word for mycelium.

Myzel = Mycelium.

We also loved the the name reflects the nature of our products. We’re a full-spectrum functional mushroom company that includes mycelium, the antibodies/enzymes secreted into the fermented substrate, and some fruiting bodies in our products. Choosing a name that reflects this just feels honest.

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