Myzel Organics, a sustainable producer of functional mushrooms, was awarded HACCP and GMP certification in May 2024. 

These industry standard accreditations ensure the safety of food, chemical, and pharmaceutical production across North America and around the world.

HACCP: Ensuring Food Safety

The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification covers Myzel’s functional mushroom operations, including mushroom cultivation, processing and packaging. 

HACCP operates a rigorous certification audit of equipment, materials and services to ensure food is protected against risk of contamination.

A HACCP system identifies, evaluates, and controls hazards which are significant for food safety. 

The HACCP certification recognizes that any food industry operator can buy products from Myzel with confidence, knowing that any potential food safety risk has been identified and appropriately reduced by the company.

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
Good Manufacturing Practice - Myzel

GMP: Ensuring Efficiency

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) require the implementation of procedures and best practices to remove, reduce, and control physical, chemical and biological hazards in the processing environment.

GMPs lay the groundwork for the production and preparation of safe food. Procedures address pest control, sanitation and employee hygiene. GMPs can be seen as the equivalent of the prerequisite programs to HACCP.

Myzel’s Quality Guarantee

Early in the company’s existence, Myzel committed to the rigorous process of creating and enforcing the standard operating procedures required to achieve HACCP certification. 

Our experienced Quality Assurance team continuously monitors the facility, our processes, and our products to ensure the quality and safety of our products. Their tireless efforts have been pivotal to achieving certification and demonstrates our team’s commitment to addressing risks in the production process.