Myzel is proud to announce that Co-founder and Managing Director, Markus Sadaka, is a featured speaker at the Mushroom Summit.

The Mushroom Summit provides a forum for industry veterans, entrepreneurs, scientists, and businesses to share insights and build a collaborative vision for the future of functional mushrooms

This invitation signals Myzel’s growing reach and authority on functional mushrooms. 

Markus will participate in a panel addressing the “Trends and Forecasts for the Functional Mushroom Industry”. The panel will address:

  • Growing market trends
  • Emerging technologies and scientific advancements 
  • Business readiness for rapid growth
Mushroom growing out of jar - mushroom summit

Introducing Mushroom Summit Speaker: Markus Sadaka

Markus Sadaka is a Canadian entrepreneur with a vision for a sustainable future.

In the early days of the pandemic, Markus envisioned a future that prioritized plant-assisted therapeutic products to support physical fitness, mental health, and general well-being. With that in mind, he set out on a journey to build a company dedicated to the production of functional and psilocybin mushrooms.

Managing Director & Co-Founder of Myzel Organics

By 2021, Markus co-founded one of Canada’s first sustainability-driven functional mushroom facilities. His goal of achieving Net Zero status required him to take a hands-on role in learning about sustainable construction – including building the facility from the ground up. He spent hundreds of hours assisting tradespeople, collaborating with environmental consultants, learning from expert mycologists, and navigating the world of production certifications.

In just 3 years Markus and the Myzel team not only physically constructed a GMP-grade mushroom production facility – they learned profound lessons on trust, productivity, and change management. Markus is happy to share the knowledge gained from building Myzel Organics at the 2nd Annual Mushroom Summit.

More About the 2nd Annual Mushroom Summit

The Summit, held in Monterey, California, will run June  5-6 , 2024.

This year the conference will address:

  • Health and wellness industry applications of functional mushrooms.
  • Product diversity ranging from nutraceutical supplements, to food & beverages, to skincare, and more.
  • Science-based assessments of functional mushrooms in health and well being.
  • Emerging opportunities and novel applications for functional mushrooms
  • Strategies to educate consumers about functional mushrooms

Planning to attend? Drop us a note to let us know.