Looking to add a natural health product to your pet care roster?

Consider adding functional mushrooms to the mix.

With pet parents seeking natural options to keep their furry companions healthy and happy, the market for pet supplements has grown by 6% annually since 2020. That’s a $1.9 billion market … and it’s still growing.

What Do Functional Mushrooms Do?

Functional mushrooms contain adaptogens: the naturally occurring substances that support the body in its response to physical and mental stress. 

Adaptogens don’t just play a role in human health; they are equally important to dogs, cats, and horses.

Research on functional mushrooms indicates that the adaptogenic components increase longevity, support a healthy lifestyle, optimize weight and metabolism, and reduce allergies in humans and animals alike.

With 80% of veterinarians reporting inflammation-related disorders (like gum disease, allergies, and arthritis) in their animal patients – mushrooms present a pathway to improving the most commonly reported ailments. 

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Pets & Functional Mushroom Supplements

Whether it’s supporting immunity, aiding in digestion, or promoting overall vitality, mushroom supplements present potentially life-changing holistic solutions for companion animals. 

Based on our research, functional mushrooms appear to be most popular for the following pet care applications.

Creating a Mushroom-Infused Pet Supplement

Mushroom powders incorporate into many pet care formats – from treats to toppers, and broth to soft food. 

  • Broth: Hydration plus an adaptogenic boost in one liquid formula. 

  • Extruded coating: Powder-coating applied to the exterior of pet food.

  • Powdered Toppers: Topical nutritional boost for standard diets.

  • Treats: Delicious, easy-to-use treats – ideal for training purposes.

  • Soft foods: Easy-to-chew addition to wet diets.

It’s important to consult with a licensed veterinarian and your product formulations team when considering functional mushrooms for your product line. Manufacturers are independently responsible for all safety and efficacy testing of their products. 

Questions About Pet Care Formulations?

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Mushrooms for Pet Care

The following full-spectrum mushroom powders are rich in adaptogenic properties – ideally suited for pet care applications. Flavour profiles that may appeal to pets include: