Interest in mushroom coffee just doesn’t seem to stop. 

A Google search for ‘mushroom coffee’ returns 164 million results, and that’s expected to grow by 74,000 searches a month. 

Some search results promise to boost the functional properties of a cup of coffee. Other results promise to alleviate the common pitfalls associated with caffeine without sacrificing the ritual of making coffee.

Whatever your goal: mushroom coffee presents a notable opportunity for growth in the food and beverage market.  

Building An Adaptogenic Brew

Blendable with other ingredients, mushroom powder compliments the flavour and texture profile of almost every hot beverage mix. 

Mushroom powders enhance the flavor profile of cacao, chicory, and yerba maté. They also complement the superfood profile of ingredients like ashwagandha and turmeric.

Chaga, Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, and Reishi are among the most sought after functional mushrooms for use in coffee alternatives.

Mushroom Coffee Adaptogens

According to market research, 29% of coffee alternative products contain Chaga. This mushroom is thought to offer a similar taste profile to coffee.

25% of coffee alternatives contain Cordyceps, a mushroom that provides a crash-free alternative to caffeine. This mushroom boosts energy and focus like coffee, but without the stimulation and crash of caffeine.

Creating a New Coffee Profile

For those brands looking to boost their adaptogenic profile without giving up caffeine, mushroom powders are the perfect companion to coffee. In fact, 74% of mushroom coffees also include caffeine. 

Curious about creating a half caf blend? Cordyceps and chaga can add an extra energy boost while minimizing the symptoms of caffeine withdrawal.

Myzel’s Favourite Mushrooms for Coffee

From Chaga to Cordyceps, and Lion’s Mane to Reishi – Myzel grows the mushroom varieties commonly used in hot beverages. Best of all: our mushrooms are grown right here in Canada. 

Here’s a list of our favourites, including tasting notes. 

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