Myzel’s Quality Promise

The team at Myzel Organics take many steps to guaranteeing functional mushroom quality. The Quality Assurance team, in particular, are focused on ensuring our mushrooms are high-quality and safe for consumption. 

As we head into our first month of production, we’re testing the operating procedures guaranteeing functional mushroom quality. These procedures ensure we can provide mushroom powders that exceed standards set by international bodies and good manufacturing practices. 

How is Myzel Guaranteeing Functional Mushroom Quality?

Myzel is guaranteeing functional mushroom quality by taking production standards very seriously. 

As we prepare for our first production runs, we’re putting our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in motion. 

It’s intensive, to say the very least, because our approach to quality extends throughout the entire growth cycle. From substrate acquisition to cultivation to processing to packaging:  everything is considered in our quality controls.

To celebrate our facility launch, we wanted to provide a clear picture of the steps we take to ensure our products are of the highest quality.

Sorghum Substrate - Guaranteeing Mushroom Quality at Myzel Organics

Step 1: Growth Medium Acquisition & Processing

Each of our production runs starts with the delivery of organic, non-GMO white sorghum. We use sorghum as the growth medium for all of our mushrooms. That makes the quality of the growth medium critical to our operation. 

Each shipment of sorghum comes with organic certification, which ensures the grain is always free of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Upon delivery, the Myzel Quality Assurance team conducts a thorough analysis prior to accepting the sorghum shipment. 

Once accepted, the sorghum stays in our temperature and humidity controlled storage facility.

When we’re ready to start growing, the team places the sorghum in recyclable plastic bags. The bagged medium is sent through the autoclave for numerous rounds of steam cooking and sterilization; this process ensures the medium is free from contaminants and sterile. Once cooled, the growth medium is ready for inoculation.

Step 2: Facility Controls

Good Laboratory Practice(s) (GLP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), best practices set by international bodies to standardize production in lab and manufacturing settings, are key to our quality control at Myzel.

According to our Quality Assurance Manager, Michael Mummery:

“As we start production, our plan is to test and find all the gaps in our protocols. We built our procedures with GLP and GMP in mind, but we may only see opportunities for improvement once we start production.”

Our facility at Myzel includes the lab, the processing plant, and the shipping facility. 

Myzel's Lab Manager looking extra comfortable in PPE.

2a. Quality Guarantees in the Myzel Lab

Our lab, led by Mycologist Noor Saeed Chema, follows GLP standards. Our consistent compliance to GLP is another step we take to provide our buyers and partners with the assurance that we take quality assurance very seriously.

The dedication to quality controls doesn’t stop with following GLP. 

The lab follows a strict cleanroom protocol. Every indentation where a microbe might grow was thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Preparing the laboratory for cleanroom protocols took many weeks of well thought-out construction and design, followed by numerous rounds of cleaning and sterilization. It was an impressive few weeks seeing the team in motion!

By following an ongoing cleanroom protocol we prevent common contaminants from impacting our pure culture work, inoculation processes, and mushroom growth. Anyone entering the lab and the grow rooms must be fully kitted out in personal protective equipment (PPE). 

If our team stood next to a production team in a highly sterile pharmaceutical facility, you wouldn’t know who belonged where. We adhere to the same level of standards and procedures to ensure our production rooms remain uncontaminated. 

2b. Quality Guarantees from the Myzel Cultivation Process

Once the mushrooms move out of the lab into a dedicated grow room, our team of Fungi Technicians follow the Dietary Supplement current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) throughout the growing, processing, packaging, labeling, and shipping phases of our operations.

GMP offers a very clear, very strong set of systems that guarantee functional mushroom quality. 

In the cultivation phase of our process, our Fungi Techs are checking for issues with the growth mediums and containers and the environment in the grow rooms, as well as keeping an eye out for any issues that might compromise the quality of the final mushroom powder. Air quality plays a big role in this process. We continually test air quality for possible contaminants, which we’re particularly sensitive to, near the lab and grow rooms.

2c. Quality Guarantees for Processing and Packaging

The team also keeps an eye out for potential hazards across the cultivation and processing cycle. 

That means they’re looking for possible sources of contamination in the storage facility, in the lab, in the processing rooms, and in the shipping area. 

As luck would have it, these precautions adhere to Safe Food for Canadians and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) certifications. Simply by keeping our facility contaminant free, we take one step closer to adhering to GMP protocols and the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). 

Moisture Checks and Metal Detection

Once the grain bags are fully myceliated and ready for processing, our Fungi Techs prepare the product for the dryer. 

We don’t rush this process; carefully checking for moisture levels before sending the myceliated sorghum to the milling room ensures the product is ready for milling and ensures our equipment will work as expected. Damp mushrooms gum up the mill. 

Moisture checks also guarantee that our custom blends contain uniform moisture content throughout the entire lot. 

Finally, we run the milled powders through a metal detection process. This step is key to ensuring no expected elements made their way into the powder during milling. Safety first!

Step 3: Proactive Measures

We take a proactive approach to prevention, from sanitation to pest control to water quality. 

A strict approach to sanitation is key to guaranteeing functional mushroom quality. The team regularly swabs the machinery and equipment in an effort to detect contaminants. Sanitation of all parts of the facility – exclusively using organic cleaning agents – ensures that every aspect of our production is contaminant free. 

As a sustainably-driven, organic facility we need to ensure that every aspect of our production minimizes our environmental footprint while adhering to ​organic standards. That means we rely on a rainwater collection pond for the water used in the production of our mushrooms. That water is never treated chemically. Instead, we proactively test water quality and purify water to ensure no microbes or contaminants are present.

According to Michael Mummery:

“Ensuring safety of our customers is our top priority. We take every possible precaution to ensure that our products are safe, but also, meet the authenticity expectations and exceed standards.”

Step 4: Third Party Testing

Product samples are drawn for third party testing only after we run our internal quality inspections.  

Each of our production runs is shipped to an independent lab for testing to guarantee product authenticity and contents.

Testing is increasingly important these days amongst rising rates of product adulteration. We want to be as transparent as possible and provide clear directives about what our products contain before they make their way to our buyers.

That’s why we are so committed to offering Certificates of Analysis (COAs) that provide clear production dates, lists of active ingredients, and ensure the exclusion of heavy metals and any microbial contamination (like mold, salmonella, etc). 

This unbiased report not only guarantees functional mushroom quality, but ensures we’re doing the best job possible operating our facility.

Functional Mushroom Quality: Our Guarantee

Supply chain traceability as the key to quality control. Michael indicated that every step of Myzel’s process must be fully traceable, including digital and paper documentation. 

Traceability is key to guaranteeing functional mushroom quality. When we have quality measures in place at every step of the process, we can understand the greatest pain points, the greatest risks, and the needs for improvement.

That’s why we took such careful steps when planning our facility, building our processes, and hiring our team: so we could establish the capacity to provide the highest quality functional mushroom products. 

At Myzel, our production focus is singular: to ensure we meet strict standards across the production lifecycle.

Summary: Myzel Quality Guarantees 

  • Canada, USDA and EU Organic
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
  • Good Lab Practice (GLP)
  • Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)
  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)
  • Safe Food for Canadians
Quality process at Myzel Organics - Guaranteeing Functional Mushroom Quality