Yes, Myzel’s mushroom powders are all gluten-free. Our mushroom powders received SCS Global Services Gluten-Free Certification in 2024.

Myzel grows all our mushrooms on gluten-free Sorghum.

Sorghum provides a clean, nutraceutical-grade growing medium for our mushrooms. Sorghum is a nutritionally dense whole-grain that provides our mushrooms with the nutrients (including protein, iron, vitamins and minerals) they require to thrive.

Each time Myzel receives a delivery of Sorghum, we receive a Certificate of Compliance.  We carefully inspect every load to ensure no gluten-grain contamination is evident.  Every production lot is tested at sub-15ppm gluten threshold level to ensure that our mushroom powders exceed FDA guidelines that require less than 20ppm gluten for gluten-free product labeling.