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Dedication to a new era of health, well-being and environmental stewardship

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Cultivating a Supportive Future

Myzel is dedicated to developing mushroom-based health and wellness solutions.

Our team takes inspiration from the mycelium our business depends upon: we strive to develop deep interpersonal connections to one another, to our products, to our partners & clients, and to the environment.

Myzel is in the early days of developing innovative nutraceutical products. We’re looking for individuals curious about making a meaningful impact by working with functional mushrooms.

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Current Openings

We’re currently fully staffed. Check back for our regular updates.
{Updated June 5, 2024}

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Prioritizing Connection

Our customers care about the quality of their products and the source of the ingredients. Companies choose Myzel because we produce the most potent possible functional mushrooms in our environmentally friendly facility.

At Myzel, we’re deeply committed to doing things sustainably. Our facility is equipped with geothermal heating/cooling, and return waste water systems. By the end of 2023, we’ll also have a solar energy system. Our goal is to return more energy to the grid than we use.

Our goal is to transform the full potential of mushrooms and drive a new era of health, well-being and environmental stewardship. We plan to achieve this not just through our unique production capacity, but through the way we live at work.

As a team, Myzel makes ethical decisions about products, personnel, supply chain issues, and shipping. We prioritize honesty and compassionate communication so that our team can work openly and collaboratively to support our clients.

We also value home-grown produce as a way to nourish our team and build a sense of community. Our rural location means our team can harvest and eat produce from our gardens 5-months a year.

We’re building a culture of empowerment that inspires people to take care of other people and the planet.

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