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Custom superfood supplements
created with functional mushroom powder

Build A Powder, Support Your Brand Growth

Myzel produces nutrient-dense superfood powders that support a healthy lifestyle.

Functional mushroom powders introduce a wide array of adaptogenic properties to the functional food and beverage category, including enhanced immunity and anti-inflammatory properties.

Featuring beneficial naturally occurring compounds such as enzymes and polysaccharides, Myzel’s mushroom powders are immunologically active and packed with health-supporting benefits.

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Grow Your Business with Functional Mushrooms

Functional mushrooms add the potential for robust new products to many lines of business.
Myzel’s full-spectrum mushroom powders are ideal for brands looking to:

Manufacturers are independently responsible for developing new product formulations,
testing formulation efficacy, and ensuring formulation safety.

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Canadian Quality

Myzel grows full-spectrum functional mushrooms in Canada.

We are committed to organic cultivation, and provide 3rd party certificates of analysis for each of our mushroom varieties. Our product formulation is scientifically driven, with verifiable data available to ensure quality and safety for humans.

Our sustainable production methods allow us to deliver cost-effective powders, without compromising on quality.

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