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Pharmaceuticals Based on Mushroom Mycelium

Mushroom mycelium produces life changing bioactive compounds not available in any other naturally occurring substance. These compounds are so important to alleviating health complications that they are frequently used in some of the most prescribed drugs in North America.

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Myzel Organics Receives HACCP & GMP Certification

Myzel Organics was awarded HACCP and GMP certification in May 2024. These industry standard accreditations ensure the safety of food, chemical, and pharmaceutical production in facilities around the world.

Myzel Awarded 2024 Desjardins GoodSpark Grant

The Desjardins GoodSpark Grant celebrates Canadian businesses that support local communities. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, the $20,000 grant supports Myzel's business growth in Wainfleet, Ontario.

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Myzel Featured at 2nd Annual Mushroom Summit

Myzel is proud to announce that Co-founder and Managing Director, Markus Sadaka, is a featured speaker at the 2nd Annual Mushroom Summit. The Summit provides a forum for industry veterans, entrepreneurs, scientists, and businesses to share insights and build a collaborative vision for the future of functional mushrooms.

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Functional Mushrooms for Pet Care

Functional mushrooms support immunity, aid in digestion, and promote overall vitality for pets. Consider mushroom supplements as a potentially life-changing holistic solution for dogs, cats, and horses.

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Myzel Certified Organic

Myzel received Ecocert Canadian Organic Regime certification(COR) in January 2024. COR is equivalent to organic standards in the USA, European Union, Switzerland, Japan, and Costa Rica.

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Assessing Myzel’s Environmental Impact

Myzel’s Preliminary Lifecycle Assessment indicates the total impact of production amounts to 0.552 kg CO2-eq per 1 kg of mushroom powder. Compared to similar products, Myzel mushroom powder contributes notably less to climate change.

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Are Functional Mushrooms Legal?

Functional Mushrooms are 100% legal and generally accepted as safe. These legal adaptogens can support health and well-being, and require some thought prior to purchase.

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What Are Nutraceuticals?

Nutraceuticals promise a range of benefits. The growing popularity of natural and organic products has prompted lots of new players to offer nutraceutical products, sometimes at the cost of authenticity and safety.

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Demystifying “Full Spectrum”

The term "full spectrum" is easily confused - and for good reason. Introduction of new products has brought fresh life to an old term. Learn more about differentiating between a variety of full-spectrum products, including full-spectrum mushroom products.

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Where are Functional Mushrooms Grown?

Myzel Organics cultivates functional mushrooms exclusively in a Canada facility under Organic and GMP conditions. We planned the facility around these certifications to ensure our mushroom powders are consistently safe, pure, and high-quality.

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Guaranteeing Functional Mushroom Quality

Myzel is guaranteeing functional mushroom quality by taking steps to ensure our functional mushrooms are high-quality and safe for consumption. Our production adheres to strict standards including GMP, GLP, HACCP, and Canada Organic.

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How to Use Functional Mushrooms

Functional mushrooms are best used to support health and wellness, including preparing the body for the stresses of life and adapting to change. These benefits are related to the all-natural polysaccharides, prebiotic fibers, and bioactive compounds found in functional mushrooms.

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Fungi & Founders: Our Story So Far

Myzel started in 2021 with the goal of growing functional mushrooms in a sustainably-driven, Canadian facility. We aspire to be the largest producer of sustainably grown, low-cost functional mushrooms in the world. Achieving this goal is essential to meeting the growing demand for holistic health products and meat alternatives.

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